Remote Desktop Services: Use it to Optimize Cloud Performance

The idea of “the cloud” has become very popular in the IT industry. Moving your data and applications off-site to a secure location designed to support those functions is a very attractive alternative for businesses. It ultimately lowers overhead, provides enhanced security and delivers peace of mind.

But moving to the cloud is just the first step. Users need access to the data and applications where ever they might be. They do that through a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) system.

What is Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

A RDS system allows users to access the company’s applications, files and network resources remotely. Users can employ a wide range of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and pads. As long as they have an internet connection, access is available.

Velecor uses Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. Our methodology involves using a dedicated set of servers to hold your files and applications and make them available to your remote users. Of course, the advantage is that the data and applications are not installed on multiple workstations or devices at your offices, but rather on a set of secure servers offsite.

More Efficient and Uniform Access for Users

All your business applications will run within the server environment. That means they will utilize that server’s resources, such as its RAM and high-speed processors. For your users, though, it means they can access those applications and data efficiently despite the device they may be using. In addition, the experience will be the same across all devices. Age and performance of a user’s computer, pad or smartphone is no longer an issue since they are accessing a server over the internet.

So if your business has older workstations or devices, it’s no longer a concern. With the cloud and our RDS system, you’ll save time and money that would have otherwise been spent on new, complex, high-end workstations for each user.

Wrapping Up

Delivering the same, efficient experience to all users, no matter what device is used, is not the only advantage of our RDS system. It also centralizes the management and upkeep of your network resources. We can more easily administer an application’s settings, versions, security updates, and operating system updates with this approach.

If you’d like to learn more about our RDS system or moving to the cloud, call Velecor at 513-984-3900.

Managed vs. Professional Services: Finding the Right Option

Your business has been impacted by technology issues at some point, right? Every business has at one time or another. But when it happens, it’s usually a situation that is unique to your company. You don’t have the same issues as the business down the street or one across town.

Then why are most technology solution vendors providing the same types of service?

At Velecor, we decided not to offer cookie-cutter services, because there aren’t any cookie-cutter problems. They are all different and unique.

For that reason we offer two categories of service that address every technology need a business might experience. They are our Managed Services and Professionals Services packages. Here’s an explanation of both.

Managed Services

This packaged, white-glove service allows you to focus on growing your core business without worrying about IT distractions. A flat monthly fee with an agreed-on number of hours can be applied to any type of technology service you need.

With this package, we provide proactive monitoring and management of your systems. This includes the ability to predict problems before they occur and negatively impact your business. It’s 24/7/365 support. While you sleep, our team, with over a century of combined experience, is on the job.

This program is also customized to fit your needs and even your budget. It’s not a cookie-cutter package but one developed for the individual needs of your business.

Some of the bonus elements involved with our Managed Services include the following:

  • Unlimited support is available for a flat monthly fee
  • Ability to forecast your IT expenditures on an annual basis
  • Basic projects are covered and not additional
  • We have multiple data centers that can support any need
  • Velecor can support our customers’ infrastructure nationally
  • Regular onsite support is available to businesses in the Tri-State area
  • The assurance that your business is always up and running

Professional Services

This offering involves customized IT services that fit the customer’s particular needs. For example, we can provide expertise to manage significant projects within your organization. These types of engagements usually include custom development, data analytics, email migration or migrating your systems to the cloud.

In addition, Velecor can augment your existing team onsite in both short-term and long-term assignments. We can easily provide those skills that your present team may need.

We can also help with business consulting needs. Members of our team can supply fractional leadership in the IT and Finance areas.

The Professional Services program can also provide help in the following areas:

  • Architecture and vendor selection
  • Custom application development
  • Database support needs
  • Predicting your future sales through custom analytics

As you can see, there is no cookie-cutter approach here. Your technology or IT challenges are unique to your company. So it only stands to reason that your solution is too.

If you have questions about which service agreement will work best for your company, call Velecor today at 513-984-3900. Simply ask to speak with a member of our sales team.

We are Now Velecor: Why We Changed

LANrm has been providing cloud solutions, managed IT services and hybrid cloud disaster recovery services for years. But over the last decade, the industry has changed. While we adjusted our service to keep with new trends, we found that the most basic element of our company, our name, was actually becoming a challenge.

That’s when we decided to make a change.

What’s in a Name?

Our company name is a remnant of what corporate IT used to be. LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network. For decades, much of IT solutions revolved around maintaining and servicing LANs for businesses.

But as technology evolved and cloud solutions became more prevalent, we realized that our company’s name was getting in the way.

The name LANrm only portrayed one set of services, those associated with local area networks. Our company has evolved to do more and will continue to do so in the future. Our team felt the name was quickly becoming outdated.

We think a business name should communicate something about who you are and what you do. That’s why we chose the name Velecor.

Why Velecor?

The name is actually a combination of two key words that we feel represent our company well. The first is velocity and the second is core.

Velocity defines the word as, “rapid of motion or operation; swiftness; speed;…the rate of speed with which something happens; rapidity of action or reaction.”

Velocity pertains to the speed with which we will support our customer’s environments. We will proactively detect and manage threats and issues and provide solutions in a speedy and efficient manner.

It also represents our attitude toward new technology trends. We will quickly learn and implement those developments that will better serve our customers.


When we use the word “core,” we are speaking about those things that are of central importance to us. They are the basics or the fundamentals that guide everything we do.

Core is a nod to our core values, processes and principles.


Making the change to Velecor will allow our business to better address the needs of our current and future customers. Those needs continue to evolve as security becomes a central issue for internet users.

Companies will have new requirements put upon them, such as those represented in the GDPR law. Velecor is now well positioned to help companies, from solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises, meet those new demands.

If you have questions about moving to the cloud or new security requirements, call Velecor today at 513-984-3900.