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Business Analytics

Your data is only valuable as its ability to help you grow your business.

Every organization has data. Not many use it to push forward in powerful, innovative ways. Usually because they don’t understand how best to see the data and analyze it. Why is this so important? Decisions made by management either drive businesses forward or stall them, improve efficiencies or throttle them, and increase profits or reduce resources. It’s critical that effective data visualization, analysis, and utilization be employed for leaders to make accurate, informed decisions. 

Velecor Analytics & Business Services are designed around sound, proven planning, architecture, visualization, and analysis — so your big data pays big dividends. With data insights you can trust, your organization will respond fast, diminish risk, and increase opportunities for success. 

Here's how we ...


Data visualization is the gateway to meaningful data. It allows you to see answers to critical questions — letting you more quickly and powerfully increase earnings, grow customers, create efficiencies, develop new products, and navigate competitive landscapes. Innovative Data Visualization reveals the patterns, possibilities, and paths currently hidden in your data.

Powerful Data Visualization includes:

  • KPI Development
  • Scorecards & Performance Displays
  • Dashboard Design & Development
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Mobile Interfaces


Our Data Analysis services make your data more valuable. How? We apply our intellectual, technical, and creative talents to reveal hidden patterns, possibilities and paths to your success. By utilizing innovative tools and experienced talent, we are able to evaluate your data in a prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive manner.

Creative Data Analysis includes:

  • Data Discovery and Interpretation
  • Simulation and Scenario Modeling
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Focused Recommendations

What our clients say

In a recent client satisfaction survey, 92% of respondents said it was “Extremely likely” that they’d recommend us to their colleagues and friends.