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Business Consulting

Transform your organization’s future

Organizations must evolve or be left behind in today’s dynamic marketplace. Facing a slew of challenges — disruptive technologies, global competition, emerging business models, changing customer and employee expectations, and unfolding regulations — they are beginning to work differently. 

By remaining agile and adapting to these changes faster than their competitors, organizations have the opportunity to carve out real competitive advantages and transform their challenges into success stories. 

At Velecor, we take a holistic approach. We assess and give sound guidance to management. And we always ensure that the business strategy is sound, validated, and clearly focused. We work with you to align strategy with four critical dimensions of your business:

  • 1. Financial
  • 2. Customer
  • 3. Operations
  • 4. Technology
Success can only be achieved if all these dimensions are aligned, driving toward the same destination, and precisely executed. 

What does our service provide?

Management consulting

We have resources who have tremendous experience in leading organizations. Much of it comes from working with Fortune 500 companies and learning detailed processes.

Business development

Business modeling can be performed for several purposes.

IT Governance

Our consultant division provides consulting services for IT Governance with a focus on IT Strategy, ITSM, and Portfolio Management.

Change management

Too many companies find that they do not get the expected results from their new solutions. We can help.

Enterprise architecture

The business architect is your link between strategy and process.

What our clients say

In a recent client satisfaction survey, 92% of respondents said it was “Extremely likely” that they’d recommend us to their colleagues and friends.