Remote Desktop Services: Use it to Optimize Cloud Performance

The idea of “the cloud” has become very popular in the IT industry. Moving your data and applications off-site to a secure location designed to support those functions is a very attractive alternative for businesses. It ultimately lowers overhead, provides enhanced security and delivers peace of mind.

But moving to the cloud is just the first step. Users need access to the data and applications where ever they might be. They do that through a Remote Desktop Services (RDS) system.

What is Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

A RDS system allows users to access the company’s applications, files and network resources remotely. Users can employ a wide range of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones and pads. As long as they have an internet connection, access is available.

Velecor uses Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services. Our methodology involves using a dedicated set of servers to hold your files and applications and make them available to your remote users. Of course, the advantage is that the data and applications are not installed on multiple workstations or devices at your offices, but rather on a set of secure servers offsite.

More Efficient and Uniform Access for Users

All your business applications will run within the server environment. That means they will utilize that server’s resources, such as its RAM and high-speed processors. For your users, though, it means they can access those applications and data efficiently despite the device they may be using. In addition, the experience will be the same across all devices. Age and performance of a user’s computer, pad or smartphone is no longer an issue since they are accessing a server over the internet.

So if your business has older workstations or devices, it’s no longer a concern. With the cloud and our RDS system, you’ll save time and money that would have otherwise been spent on new, complex, high-end workstations for each user.

Wrapping Up

Delivering the same, efficient experience to all users, no matter what device is used, is not the only advantage of our RDS system. It also centralizes the management and upkeep of your network resources. We can more easily administer an application’s settings, versions, security updates, and operating system updates with this approach.

If you’d like to learn more about our RDS system or moving to the cloud, call Velecor at 513-984-3900.