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With data comes the need to fully protect it. Without offsite backups, you’re courting tremendous risk to your business. Too often, local backups fail, get misplaced, or become damaged. Yet even when they work, they only contain data from the most recent backup (typically the night prior). 

TotalBackup offers 15-minute backups and the ability to easily restore entire servers to new hardware within a few hours. No more risk of hardware failure, corrupt files, or major disasters. We work with industry-leading providers of automated offsite data backups. TotalBackup safeguards every single spreadsheet, database, and file you need for your business to survive.

Okay, you're probably saying "the safest place for my files is right in my office."

Sure, most people think of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and major power grid outages as disasters. However, when it comes to data, a disaster is often as simple as a software update gone wrong or plain human error.

The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council in March 2017 announced the results of its annual benchmark study. It found that 73% of organizations worldwide were not taking adequate steps to protect their data and IT infrastructure. 78% of respondents had experienced critical application outages. And of those, 63% experienced losses from a few thousand dollars to over $5 million!

Don’t wait for the inevitable. Get your backup and disaster recovery program in place today.


The reality you need to consider.


  • 80% of businesses that suffer a major disaster go out of business within three years
  • 40% of businesses that experience a critical IT failure go out of business within one year
  • 44% of businesses fail to reopen after suffering losses from a fire
  • 31% of PC users have lost all files due to events beyond their control
  • 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups…of those that do, 77% find tape failures

[According to Gartner, Inc.]


  • Sales data = $17,000
  • Accounting data = $19,000
  • Engineering data = $98,000

[According to National Computer Security Association]


  • You are still using tapes
  • You want to reduce your risk of losing data
  • You want to get away from managing and testing your own backups
  • You want more frequent backups
  • You want easy, bare-metal recovery
  • You want automatic offsite backups
  • You want a disaster recovery plan that includes failover to the Cloud
Illustration of TotalBackup program


A financial services company working with a competitor had a data breach and fell victim to Ransomware, which locked away all of its data and client records. The business was in jeopardy of losing years of personal financial records and having to admit this to its clients. In this situation, having solid backups that go back 30-60 days is crucial to resolving the problem. Otherwise, you will be forced to pay the ransom and pray they unlock your data.


The company’s managed service provider was not able to resolve the issue, so Velecor was called in. By tediously extracting data from local applications and workstations, we were able to extract over 90% of their data. We then moved them to our TotalBackup program, ensuring backups every 15 minutes while storing their data in our TotalCloud solution. The financial institution — now a client —  was thrilled and no longer worries about a breach or failure. Their backups are secure, offsite, and tested. 

You push the limits, we simplify IT.

What our clients say

In a recent client satisfaction survey, 92% of respondents said it was “Extremely likely” that they’d recommend us to their colleagues and friends.