Managed Services


TotalCare is our all-inclusive turnkey managed service solution. Managed Services is commonplace and is offered by nearly every IT support provider in the industry. Not so common is Velecor’s client-centric, fixed-monthly pricing strategy which eliminates confusion and budgetary concerns.

For each client, we set up multiple monitoring systems that detect nearly every problem before it occurs. We are quickly alerted to anything unusual and a ticket is opened. Automated escalation procedures ensure urgent responses. Well over 95% of issues are resolved remotely. And most often, problems are resolved before ever reaching our clients. 

TotalCare will provide you with a single vendor, a consistent bill, a single source for total support, and a single point of accountability. Bonus: because TotalCare is a flat-fee service, there are no additional fees!

TotalCare Benefits


  • Unlimited support services for all covered devices
  • Serve on your behalf as a Vendor Liaison
  • All project work — including but not limited to rolling out new software, new PCs, new servers, etc.
  • 24/7 real time monitoring and alerting of all covered devices — if a server or internet connection goes down, a ticket is automatically created in our system 
  • Constant, predictable billing so you can accurately budget and manage all of your associated costs
Illustration of Velecor TotalCare program


A medical billing client’s strategy was to have a single, full-time resource support an infrastructure with dozens of servers, databases, custom applications, and more. However, whenever the resource was unavailable, there was no one to provide support. This created gaps in their service model. Additionally, they could not ramp up staff for special project while managing daily support issues. 


We implemented TotalCare by assigning a team of engineers to support their overall environment. We began with an overall assessment, a list of improvements, and then ensured the integrity of the overall environment. The client now enjoys service 24/7/365. With proactive alerting and our 24/7 call center, issues are resolved without interruption. Servers and workstations are protected from external threats, backups are ensured,  and performance is monitored. With a team approach, we are able to manage their projects while maintaining daily tasks.

You push the limits, we simplify IT.

What our clients say

In a recent client satisfaction survey, 92% of respondents said it was “Extremely likely” that they’d recommend us to their colleagues and friends.