When you think of
your IT services,
what’s on your face?

Here’s how we’ll put a smile on it.

Managed Services

  • Find and reduce hidden costs
  • Secure your data
  • Update a dying or outdated server
  • Compare cloud services

Professional Services

  • Forecast your business accurately
  • Manage your projects efficiently
  • Tailor applications to your needs
  • Be prepared for any audit


We help our clients focus on their core operations by providing best-in-class IT services, on-site solutions, and backup capabilities — all with unlimited service plans. We work exceptionally hard to develop and deliver technology solutions that fit our clients’ needs and budgets.

Velecor Provides Maintenance
Velecor Provides Cloud Hosting Services
Velecor Provides IT Architecture Services
Since 2008 Velecor Seal

Velecor Services was founded in 2008 with a big idea — to bring the “Enterprise IT Solution Experience” to businesses in the Greater Cincinnati area. Collectively, our team has over a century of experience in developing and implementing IT solutions. We have grown steadily over the last five years while maintaining a high customer satisfaction and employee retention rate.

What our clients say

In a recent client satisfaction survey, 92% of respondents said it was “Extremely likely” that they’d recommend us to their colleagues and friends.