Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept

Remote Desktop Services: Use it to Optimize Cloud Performance

The idea of “the cloud” has become very popular in the IT industry. Moving your data and applications off-site to a secure location designed to support those functions is a very attractive alternative for businesses. It ultimately lowers overhead, provides enhanced security and delivers peace of mind. But moving to the cloud is just the […]

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Managed vs. Professional Services: Finding the Right Option

Your business has been impacted by technology issues at some point, right? Every business has at one time or another. But when it happens, it’s usually a situation that is unique to your company. You don’t have the same issues as the business down the street or one across town. Then why are most technology […]

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We are Now Velecor: Why We Changed

LANrm has been providing cloud solutions, managed IT services and hybrid cloud disaster recovery services for years. But over the last decade, the industry has changed. While we adjusted our service to keep with new trends, we found that the most basic element of our company, our name, was actually becoming a challenge. That’s when we […]